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Book of Shadows

English Edition

Shakti Morgane's Book of Shadows initiates you into the secrets of witchcraft by helping you: 1. to consult the oracle for the purpose of knowing the situation on the level of effect in the unseen world 2. to recognise yourself 3. to learn to direct energy 4. to have dialogues with the spiritual forces of nature 5. to summon elementals and guardian spirits 6. make contact with the other world 7. to learn astral projection and lucid dreaming 8. to work magically through inner strength 9. to travel shamanically 10. to bring about healing 11. to break curses 12. to provide security for the soul 13. to maintain contact with goddesses and gods

This 'Book of Shadows' is not a collection of recipes or a collection of sayings, but a guide for the salvation of the soul.

The 'Book of Shadows' contains my insights on the subject of soul, life and death, 'demons', lucid dreams, shamans and more, as well as an oracle which, as a prerequisite for the use of magic, helps with self-knowledge and is therefore indispensable.

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